How do i use UIScrollView in Storyboard

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asked Sep 16, 2014 in Objective C by jonathan (3,105 points)

    In y current project i am using uistoryboard.

How do i use UIScrollView in Storyboard?

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answered Sep 16, 2014 by john (4,220 points)
  1. Drag a ViewController (it comes with UIView "View").

    1.1 Select "View Controller" and select "File Inspector" and uncheck "Auto layout".

  2. Drag a ScrollView (as child of ViewController's UIView "View")
  3. Select ScrollView and open "Identity Inspector".
  4. Enter "contentSize" for keyPath. Select "Size" for Type. And Enter {320, 1000} for value.

    Note: Step 4 is simply saying that the scroller contains some content whose size is 320x1000 units. So setting contentSize will make scroller work.

  5. Select View Controller, Select "Attributes Inspector" then select Freeform from Size.

    Note: step 5 will allow us to change the size of "View" that the view controller comes with.

  6. Select "View" and then select "Size Inspector".

  7. Set Width to 320 and height to 1000.