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  What is Variadic Parameters and how to use in SWIFT?

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variadic parameter accepts zero or more values of a specified type. You use a variadic parameter to specify that the parameter can be passed a varying number of input values when the function is called. Write variadic parameters by inserting three period characters (...) after the parameter’s type name.

The values passed to a variadic parameter are made available within the function’s body as an array of the appropriate type. For example, a variadic parameter with a name of numbers and a type of Double... is made available within the function’s body as a constant array called numbers of type [Double].

The example below calculates the arithmetic mean (also known as the average) for a list of numbers of any length:

func arithmeticMean(numbers: Double...) -> Double {

var total: Double = 0

for number in numbers {

total += number


return total / Double(numbers.count)


arithmeticMean(1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

// returns 3.0, which is the arithmetic mean of these five numbers

arithmeticMean(3, 8.25, 18.75)

// returns 10.0, which