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I was checking out your App, No.9, and was wondering if it is getting as many installs as you'd like it to?  If it is, I'd love to interview you and feature you in some of our publications. Maybe in exchange we can give you some free services...?

If you aren't getting the installs, check your App Store Optimization (ASO). 2/3 of Apps are found through an App/Play Store Search. I look at Apps all day long, and many of them need quite a bit of ASO work. Without great ASO, customers won't find you in a search, or worse, they will get to your page but not be driven to download your App. If you're not optimized to increase your App's search ranking, you're missing out on one of the largest App discovery channels available. We just published a 12-point ASO checklist at this link: http://hubs.ly/y0R62X0

I can probably find some time in the next few days to give you a Free Mini ASO Analysis of your App Store Page. Click here to request one: http://hubs.ly/y0R63s0

Even though I work for an App Marketing company, I always advise people to get their ASO perfect BEFORE spending a dime on marketing. I hope this is useful to you, and good luck with your App!

Eric Beardslee
Head of App Marketing
Mobilispot, LLC
(608) 492-1872
Steamboat Springs, CO

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