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The problem can be temporarily solved by doing a Maven->Update project..., but the error will come back after a while. Not sure what exactly the trigger is....

Any suggestions on how to fix the issue permanently?

web-resources/META-INF/MANIFEST.MF (No such file or directory)

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   I tried the below steps to resolve this

     - > maven clean fixed the issues
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Try to select your project, and clean it by using the menu :


Then refresh your pom.xml. That worked for me .
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  manifest.mf is getting destroyed when we try to do maven build using mvn clean install. If we don't want to destroy manifest.mf file, just enter the command mvn install in the command prompt.

And if we missed the manifest.mf file, we can generate by uncheck & check the "Maven archiver generates files under the build directory" option in maven - JAVA EE integration as you said.