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i want to sort this array


I have an array of object literals like this:

var myArr = [];

myArr[0] = {
   'score': 4,
   'name': 'foo'

myArr[1] = {
   'score': 1,
   'name': 'bar'

myArr[2] = {
   'score': 3,
   'name': 'foobar'

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Try myArr.sort(function (a, b) {return a.score - b.score});

The way the array elements are sorted depends on what number the function passed in returns:

  • < 0 (negative number): a goes ahead of b
  • > 0 (positive number): b goes ahead of a
  • 0: In this cases the two numbers will be adjacent in the sorted list. However, the sort is not guaranteed to be stable: the order of a and b relative to each other may change.